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In this article are information and highlights on what is Civic education including the basic and most important things you need to know about Civic education. You might be confused when it comes to defining or explaining what is Civic education, this is a shortcut to simply have a clear understanding of what you have been hearing in school on the street on TV and on radio.

  • To understand what Civic education is we have to understand the meaning of Civic. Keep it in your mind that Civic has to do with anything relating to a town or a city. 

Citizenship education has contributed so much to Nigeria as a country not only in Nigeria but other countries out there. It maintains the standards, the rules, the norms and the values of the nation for a better way forward.

What Is Civic Education


Civic education can simply Be defined as the study that helps to educate or inform people on their constitutional rights and obligations in the society. Civic education is also called Citizenship education or Democracy education. 

  • Citizenship education democracy education promotes the making of students good citizens in society they have them obey the laws in the society.

Civic education is aimed at making the citizens have full understanding of the democratic things that are happening in the society, and making them understand how the political system works. Civic education helps the citizens to know their rights in the society, it helps them to know that they have rights to freedom of speech and the right to vote for whoever they want to be their leader.

This study particularly intends to fill in the gap of democracy in the society, it is taught across almost every school in order to enlighten students about social, democratic or political activities in the society.

(It is taught most especially in primary and secondary schools)


  • This as a subject helps to shape or create a bright future for the students.
  • Civic education promotes the understanding of Civil rights and obligations in the society.
  • It helps to promote good governance in the society.
  • Civic education helps people to know their personal responsibilities and what they can do to contribute to the development of the society.
  • It educates people on democracy or how politics works for them to make their decisions
  • You have two people to know the right things to do and the wrong things to avoid and society
  • Promotion of Peace and unity, it unites people together in the society.

In general and in summary, Civic education helps to promote the social and economic development of the society. It brings growth in different aspects.


Civic education is aimed or targeted at a particular set of people in the society such as; employees, employers, teachers , students, non-governmental organisations, military, security officers or anybody that is found in the society. Civic education is not compulsory but it is necessary for each and every one of the citizens of the country.


  • You have rights In society. Things you can do without anybody questioning. It is your right to vote, it is your right to be voted for, it is your right to live your life, it is your right to own a property and so on.
  • You have personal duties as a citizen or a member of a society. These are things you will do that will bring growth or development to the society and Nigeria at large.
  • The government has responsibilities towards the society and people living in it. It will help you understand what the government is supposed to do for the benefit of all and it is your right to comment on such issues.
  • The country has laws which each and every citizen must obey. This is to control and regulate the activities of the citizen, There is punishment for whoever breaks the law.
  • You will get to know all the relationships between various subjects and Schools and how to make the right choice and times of choosing the right career path.
  • You get to know about your environment, the people living in it and the things happening around.
  • It also contributes to promoting the cultural heritage of the society.


Below are the medium or people through which citizenship education is being taught.

  • The mass media, which refers to television, radio , newspaper and social media.
  • The Religious leaders
  • Members of the community or society
  • Families
  • Primary/secondary school 

With this article I believe you have more knowledge on what is Civic education or citizenship education. It has many advantages but one of its disadvantages is that it might be taught by a biased person or agent due to selfish interest or personal agenda which will lead the people astray.

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