Six (6) Degree Courses That Will Make You Rich



This has been one of the major challenges of students in times of making the right choice when it comes to their field of study.

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  • It is well known by everyone that the single best investment you can make in this world is in yourself.
  • Investing in yourself and knowing where to invest in is very important. Personal development will help create a career path for

At a point in life we all want to get a good paying job to make money in to order to take care of ourselves, families or loved ones.

The challenge is that you can’t happily and confidently walk into an office or a company looking for a good paying job without them asking of your qualification.

They will first of all like to know if you have a collage degree or diploma, they will like to know the skills you have that can  contribute positively to the growth of the company.

Having a particular skill or different skills  like Tailoring, hair cut, cooking, making local foot-wears and painting is good, they will be able to provide for you in the market place but sometimes still won’t be encouraging, that is why we go to universities to learn skills that will pay more handsomely than others.

Below is the list of degree courses to study in order to be rich :



Architecture deals with designing and constructing buildings. It can be  for an individual or company depending on what they want to use the structure or building for.

  • The ideas and creativity that contributes to the progress of a building lies on the palms of the architect.
  • Every architect has his or her own style of designs.
  • You studying this degree (Architecture) will make you fly round the world doing different kind of projects.
  • There is a lot of workload and needs a lot of attention, concentration in order to be able to develop good concept for structures.

The following are some of the good qualities of an architect.

  • An architect must have a good thinking and reasoning ability
  •  Perfect designing skills are necessary 
  • He or she  must be good in paying attention to details.
  • Good communication skills in order to communicate properly with the customer.
  • Must have good customer service skills…

Rough Salary Scale

UK  – £37,500 (per year)

Nigeria – N1,244,657 (per year)

South Africa – R 428, 400 (per year)

(Depends on where and how you work)



A finance degree is good in times of finding a good paying job or a career path that will make you earn a lot.

Finance simply refers to the study of managing large amount of money (Either for an individual or a company)

This can also be seen as a business process which helps in achieving the goals and objectives of acquiring funds for individuals or companies. (Finance deals with banking, dept, credit and investments).

  • It is the duty of the financial manager to give financial report
  •  To  lay out investment strategies 
  •  Create a long term plan for the growth of the organization.

Financial managers are in charge of analysing the organization’s financial report in order to pin point where cost reduction can be done.

Every organization or company needs a financial manager.

To be a good financial manager:

  •  You must be good with your analysis and calculations 
  •  Good communication and organisational skills to work with employees and customers is necessary
  •  Decency and be humility should be first 

Rough Salary Scale

K – £42,611 (per year)

Nigeria – ₦5,832,638 (per year)

South Africa – R 600 000 (per year)

Information technology


This has to do with the  use and management of computer systems and networks for processing and sharing data.

Information technology simply refers to activities that deal with establishing communication networks, shielding or protecting data and also fixing the problems of computer systems for smooth operation.

Every company needs information technology management in order to create communication or connection with customers.

After studying this course you can be an information technology manager (I T Supervisor) of any company or organisation depending on your field of specialisation in the course.

The following are the duties of an IT supervisor (information technology manager)

  • To safeguard the firewall of an organisation or company to avoid being hacked and attacked
  •  Monitoring and managing the information that is coming in and out of an organisation
  •  Fishing out technology risks in order to set a recovery and backup plan to save the data of the company.
  •  Coordinating software updates maintenance and technology installations.
  •  Recruiting, training employees and managing I T staff.

Rough Salary Scale

UK – £54,138 (per year)

Nigeria – N2,466.945  (per year)

South Africa – R490,891 (per year)



This career path takes a long time to learn because It deals with saving human lives.

It basically has to do with treating and safeguarding lives. Without doctors and other health workers, many lives would have been lost today.

There following are different courses under medicine: 

  • Pharmaceutical Science

    This deals with analysing, administering and manufacturing new drug.

  • Science laboratory technology

    Science laboratory technology operates in the laboratory. it deals with receiving, processing and analysing blood samples

  • Medicine and surgery

    It revolves around preventing disease, treating disease and improving the health of human life.

  • Nursing science

    Nursing science Revolves around knowing how to take good care of a patient. every nurse must be patient and compassionate.

  • Dental Medicine or Dentistry

    Dentistry has to do with the treatment of the teeth.

  • Physiotherapy

    Physiotherapy deals with helping the disabled or someone that has an injury to regain flexible movements, it basically deals with the bones and joints.

Out there are so many other branches of medicine, it depends on what you choose. it is a good paying job and needs so much concentration because human live is involve.



This is a good paying job for a career path. All engineers are professionally trained to use science and maths to solve technical problems.

There are different engineers in different fields who are also very important and have their own roles to play. There are:

  • Patrol Chemical engineers
  • Computer hardware engineers
  • Telecommunication engineers
  • Chemical engineers 
  • Computer software engineering 

Engineers helps in designing and coming up with products that is beneficial and contribute in growth on their various field of work. Engineers earn base on their skills, level of work and experience, Creativity sometimes matter.



This simply refers to the strategy of promoting and selling out products or services of a particular business organisation.

  • It creates communication between the organisation and the customers resulting to creating awareness for more and constant patronage.
  • Every business organisation needs a marketing manager that will or can contribute to the growth of the organisation.

The following are some of the qualities of a good marketing manager.

  •  All managers must have a good calculation skills.
  • A marketing manager must be able to organize and plan strategies that will help the organisation achieve It’s aim and objectives.
  • Must  understand what the customer needs.
  • Ability to think critically and solve problems smoothly.
  • Adapt to changes and control situations in the organisation.
  •  Marketing manager must look sharp, smart and clean.
  •  Good communication skills.

A degree in marketing will help you earn a lot for a living, Other degree courses to study for a good career paths are;

  • Business Administration
  • Aviation (flying aircraft)


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