What is aviation



What is aviation?

In the world we live in today, nobody wants a low paying job, everyone wants to live a better live with a happy family but one cannot do that unless a decision is being made.

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What we  study in schools determines the kind of job we get, Some people don’t know what to study, they lack directions in times of finding a career path. This is to help you know about aviation courses in the universities and help you choose one.

A lot of people hear the word aviation but yet don’t know the meaning or definition.


This simply refers to the study of flying aircrafts. It deals with piloting aircraft in order to transport people or goods from one place to another.

As people fly everyday from one country or city to city, you might be asking questions on how and where those pilots learn how to fly an aircraft. It takes a professional training to do that, one can not just wake up in the morning and decide to fly a plane.

Aviation is one of the courses that can make you rich and make you tour round the world. It has different branches in it, all are important and good to study.


  • Aeronautical Engineering

This course deals with the study of designing aircraft, spacecraft and missiles.

The Technical designs and customization of anything that has to do with an aircraft lies on the hands of the aeronautical engineers.

  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering:

    This deals with the study of solving or fixing electrical and mechanical problems of an aircraft for smooth functioning. It is the duty of the engineer to maintain the aircraft making sure that it is safe to be used.

  • Airfare and Ticketing Management

    This is more of a desk job it revolves around recording and documenting the information of people or travelers coming into an airport for a particular purpose. 

  • Aviation Management

    it refers to the study of planning and coordinating the operations in an airport or other industry that has to do with flying aircrafts (Aviation)

  • Ground Staff and Cabin Crew Training:

This revolves around training students to be steward or air hostess in order to serve passengers on flight. Being a ground staff or among the cabin crew requires good communication skills, good attitude and exquisite look, so therefore professional training is needed in this field .

  • Aviation Hospitality:

This has to do with taking care of the needs of the customers or consumers in an aviation sector. 

  • Airport Management:

This course teaches students how to professionally run and manage the activities going on in an airport.

  • Aviation management:

This simply deals with managing airline activities in an aviation sector. The manager ensures the safety of everyone in an airport, airline or any aircraft flying sector.

  • Pilot training:

This revolves around teaching students how to professionally fly an aircraft.

  • Air traffic control :

This deals with preventing aircrafts from having an accident or flying in the wrong weather.

Everything is being monitored in a radar and communications are made with pilots from the control tower by radio letting them know the situations at hand.

  • Aviation contributes so much in this world
  • It’s provides a very fast transportation network, it is worldwide (from one country or city to another)

There are different courses under aviation, it all depends on what you prefer but all are good paying jobs. 

It doesn’t matter what you choose among these branches of aviation, the following are good qualities you must possess when you find yourself in any field of  aviation.


  • An aviator must have good attitude towards other people
  • Must always look smart and sharp.
  •  Good communication skills.
  • He or she should have good team working experience and skills.
  •  Confidence 
  • Must be able to manage stress.
  • A good aviator should have learning desires 

Aviation is not just all about traveling or transporting goods alone, it is classified into different sectors or zones of function.

The following are 3 basic zones of aviation:


This sector of aviation deals with transporting passengers or goods in an hired aircraft from one place to another based on schedules or no  schedules. It is to serve the public, so it covers airline operations.


This is the sector of aviation that deals with personal transportation or business transportation without hiring a pilot or renting an aircraft. It revolves round unsung a private jet.

(Commercial Aviation deals with public transport while General Aviation deals with a person/private transportation)

These involves business men travelling from one place to another for meetings or business activities, transportation of medicines for health purposes, having a flight occasion or party on air…


This simply has to do with military operations or activities where the aircraft is used to transport soldiers from one place to another or used as a weapon for warfare (Air force) to protect the nation.

  • Military aviation is used to train military pilots on how to fly aircrafts and to transport military cargo for relocation or in times of emergency and it is also used for aerial combat

There there is no limitation in finding a good paying job if you study AVIATION, there will be so many opportunities waiting for you out there.

The following are some of the reasons why you should study aviation:

  • Aviation creates employment.
  • It promotes tourism.
  • Contributes to globally and economically.
  • It provides security and protection (Military Aviation)
  • Fast transportation.


  1. Florida State College at Jacksonville
  2. San Jose State University
  3. Ohio State University-Main Campus
  4. Henderson State University
  5. Delaware State University
  6. Arizona State University Global Launch
  7. Bowling Green State University
  8. Bridgewater State University
  9. Delaware State
  10. Colorado Northwestern Community College


  1. Air force Institute of Technology
  2.  Egypt Aviation Academy
  3. Helicopter Pilot Training Centre
  4. Infohas Cabin crew & hospitality training Institute
  5. Intelek Training and Consultation
  6. Universal School of Aviation
  7. University of Aviation and Technology (ESAT)

There are so many schools out there to study Aviation.

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