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Are you a student that is contemplating on what to study in the university or college. You absolutely have nothing to worry about, there are so many good courses out there to study.

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This is to introduce you to opticianary. it is a health course that is found in so many universities, colleges and polytechnics in Nigeria and Africa at large.


Opticianary is a 2 years high institution course that is designed to teach you everything you need to know about the human eyes including the diseases and treatment. With this course you will have full understanding on how to take care of the eyes and how to tackle issues revolving the human eyes.

The eyes is one of the most important part of the human body without their eyes we can’t see so it is advisable to have a professional training on how to take care of the eye.

This brings us to the main subject matter OPTICIANARY (course)


An optician is a professional who studied opticianary and has the licence by law to operate under different scopes in the eye care field of work such as.

  • Prescribing of contact lenses and eyeglasses to patients.
  • Production of oscular prothesis
  • Producing of optical wears
  • Making ophthalmic lenses and frames that will suit the patient.

Definition of the terms mentioned above.


Contact lenses are tiny lenses that are placed or attached on the eyeballs. These lenses are used sometimes in order to correct the way the eyes sees. Some people were it for cosmetic, most especially ladies.


This simply refers to an artificial eyes. It is implanted in the eye or eyes of a patient’s that lost sight because of an accident or disease.


This simply refers to eyeglasses that are designed to correct the eye vision. There are different glasses with different shapes and frame, it depends on the eyes.


It simply refers to any prescribed glassses or spectacles that are used to support the human eyes. These glasses are not for fashion or style they are for health purposes.


  • A good opticians should be understanding
  • Respect right and dignity of patient
  • He should avoid conflict to interest
  • Should have a good relationship with other health practitioner
  • Undertake research on ethical matters
  • Keep patients records safe
  • Always dress like a professional
  • Be clean and always smart

A lot of people put their eyes under stress almost all the time when the press there phones, laptops, when they watch TV or when they walk under a hot and harsh sun.

  • It is the duty of an optician or a dispensing optician who is a professional and a practitioner in the eye care field to give people guidelines or procedures to take care of their eyes including what to do, when to do, how to do and even the kind of shades to wear in order to prevent the eyes from any harm.



This is when the eyes or the eye is infected, it looks reddish in nature, like a blood stain. This can happen when you lack sleep for days.


This is when one of the eyes is which car and move slowly than the other. It is also called amblyopia. This needs immediate treatment or medical attention to prevent further issues.


This is when you get blinded to colours, when u can’t see or differentiate between colours. It basically has to do with the colour cells of your eyes


Eyestrain normally happens when someone over works the eye by using phone, tablets or computers. Because tiredness is on the eye and immediately needs you to take care, rest or take a break from all the activities that can affect the eye.


This refers to group of diseases that affects the middle layer of the eye which contains a lot of blood vessels. They are;

  • Eye pain
  • Eye redness
  • Blurred vision
  • Light sensitivity

The symptoms can last for a long period of time or quickly when treated.


As the name implies, this is when someone can’t see in the night properly, they begin to see blurry or interrupted images at night. This naturally happens to people as they grow and some are naturally born with it.

Night blindness cannot be totally treated but can be controlled to avoid having further problems.


Presbyopia happens when you cant see close distance objects or small objects. That is why you say some people today who will Delia books phones or screens far from the eyes in order to see properly, they cant see at close range (This mostly affects old age people)


Dry ice happens when you like tears in the eyes which is not healthy at all. You begin to feel like there’s something burning in your eye, it is required urgent an immediate medical attention.


This makes you not to see properly because some cloudy areas are formed on the island which interrupts vision. The happiness and don’t course tears but grows slowly to the point where surgery will be needed.


This is when the flow of tears is excess in your eyes even with that you feeling something emotionally sad. This can be caused by the sun screens or wind, do I gets very sensitive to them and needs glasses to be controlled.


The cornea is located in front of the Earth to control and focus the entrance of light. Infections and injuries can affect the cornea which we will result to;

  • Watery eyes
  • Pain
  • Reduced vision
  • Red eyes

The best thing to do is to go to an optician or eye clinics when you begin to see sign and symptoms of corneal disease.


This is also referred to as pink eyes. The symptoms are; eye redness, itching, burning, tearing, discharge, or a feeling that something is burning in your eye.


The island which is known as the protector of the eyes also have its own symptoms which are; tearing, itching and sensitivity to light.


This is also known as cross-eyes. It is when your eyes does not do line up with each other when you look at something I’m not close or far distance. In this case the ice needs to be corrected and needs a professional to correct it. (An Opthamologist)

Always remember that your health is wealth, the best investment you can put in yourself is to give yourself the knowledge and understanding that will be of benefit to everyone in the society.

For those that wants to be in this field, there are a lot of opticianary schools out there waiting for you to apply.



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