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This course is very unique and interesting. It is designed to train you and give you more knowledge on how to take different kind of pictures.

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Everyone has an idea on what a picture is, we take pictures almost everyday of our lives with our phones, tablets, i pads, and digital cameras for different purposes such as ;

  • Social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and others)
  • Enlargements (Sized frame picture kept at home or work place)
  • Birthday celebration or party
  • Weddings
  • Fashion
  • Make up
  • Music performance show, award nights and any kind of event.

The main roll that picture plays in our lives is in the aspect of keeping records, keeping memories so that we always remember our loved ones always remember our past and always have something that will tell our stories or show who we are to anyone in the world. Your pictures defines who you are.

  • This brings us to our main point of discussion, there are rules and procedures on how those pictures are being captured or created, it is called PHOTOGRAPHY.


There are so many definitions of photography out there online, in books, journals and even directly from professionals or people that has full experience in the field.

PHOTOGRAPHY can simply be defined as the art and science of using the camera and light to capture still images (pictures).

Photography is a combination of two Greek words which are PHOTO and GRAPH.

PHOTO means light

GRAPH means drawing

  • So it is basically the process of creating art in the camera with light or lighting rather than painting with a paint brush using colors.

Always remember that the CAMERA is the only creator of images and it needs light to see. That is why light / lighting in photography is a professional course on it own.


Photograph was invented in france by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce who is an inventor.

He captured his first photograph (image) on a natural tar coated piece of paper in the year 1826.

He used the first camera ever and through the process he called HELIOGRAPHY, meaning sun drawing.

  •  In this process (Heliography) an image is created in the camera box as a result of the light rays that bounces on the character reflecting back into the box with an almost exact look on how the character is.
  • The image that is created in the camera box can not be saved but can only be seen in real time at that moment, so an artist traces and draws the reflection of the image to save it.
  • Louis Daguerre supported Joseph Nicéphore Niépce’s invention which brought improvement (daguerreotyping picture process) and existence of photography.

After this discovery and invention, many other photographers followed up with their own discoveries which led to today’s digital photography.


There are so many types of photography. it depends on your taste, choice and purpose.

The major thing is to professionally bring out good results from any field you choose, because photography is basically about Three things;

  • Telling stories
  • Keeping memories
  • Beauty


There are so many types of photography. These are the six major types of photography;

  • Portrait photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Wedding photography
  • Sport photography
  • Photojournalism
  • Architectural photography


Portrait photography is a style of photography that has to do with capturing the mood of an individual or group.

It is more of a personality picture that is often taking in a medium or close up shot.

Portrait By Tobi THE SHOOTER


This is the type of photography that deals with capturing models with their designer or stylish clothes.

This is done  to show people how beautiful or good they look. It is mostly done to models and their products (for adverts, wallpapers, newspapers or magazines)

Fashion – INI CLAY


As the name implies, this has to do with capturing couples on their wedding day and any important activities going on on the wedding ground.

This is done to keep records or to pass out a wedding invitations because it is not only done during the wedding but can be done before the wedding (Pre wedding pictures)


This photography basically deals with capturing on going sport activities (Football, Basketball, volleyball, Table tennis and others).

It needs fastness and high quality lenses because it involves crowd, movements and distance.


Architectural photography is the type of photography that revolves around shooting interiors and exteriors of buildings in order to have a clearer picture of how they look.

This is done for a particular purpose, it can be for an advert, renovation or wallpaper and screen savers as well. It is all abouts buildings and structures.


Photojournalism is the type of photography that deals with taking pictures to tell new stories or taking pictures to support news stories.

It is a type of photography that needs fastness and smartness in order to get the right picture for the right news with the right settings.

Almost all the pictures we see on newspapers, various news blogs and on news channels today are as a result of photojournalism. This is a course of it own.


  • Landscape photography
  • Food photography
  • Documentary photography
  • Art photography
  • Creative photography
  • Animal photography
  • Food photography
  • Agricultural photography


The following elements are the most important things you need to consider as a photographer when taking pictures:

  • Light or lighting
  • Image composition
  • Image color
  • Moments
  • Distance to the subject
  • Camera settings


  • It will help you express yourself by giving you room for creativity when it comes to art.
  • Photography will make you get so many creative and wonderful shots that will give people something to always remember, something to use on their phones, tablets or computers as wallpaper.
  • You can make history through photography and people will apploud you for your good works.
  • Of Course, you will make alot of money. Because of your creativity other photographers will want to work with you and people around will want you to give them shots.

There are events everywhere, weddings, music show, fashion show, sport and other programs. People take pictures everyday for one reason or the other, it is either to post on social media or to keep memories.

So photographers are needed everyday in every part of the world and the more people or clients you get, the more money and connections you get.

You should consider studying photography to have professional skills.



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