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Taraba State Polytechnic: Empowering Minds, Transforming Futures

Located in the beautiful scenery of Taraba State, Nigeria, Taraba State Polytechnic is a place known for its great education and innovation. It was founded in 1991 by Navy Captain A.A. Afolahan, who had a vision for excellence. Since then, the polytechnic has stayed true to its mission of offering top-notch education and hands-on training to students in different fields.

Academic Offerings

Taraba State Polytechnic offers a diverse range of diploma courses across multiple schools, catering to the dynamic needs of today’s workforce. Here’s a glimpse into the diploma programs available:

1. School of Environmental Technology, Jalingo Campus:

– Diploma in Building Construction
– Diploma in Architecture
– Diploma in Survey and Geo-Informatics
– Diploma in Estate Management
– Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning

2. School of Engineering, Jalingo Campus:

– Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
– National Diploma in Electrical / Electronic Engineering

3. School of Basic and Applied Sciences, Jalingo Campus:

– National Diploma in Computer Science
– Diploma in Information Technology
– Diploma in Computer Engineering
– Diploma in Digital and Media Technology
– Diploma in Library and Information Science
– National Diploma in Statistics
– National Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology
– Diploma in Food Science Technology
– Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology
– Diploma in Opticianry
– Diploma in Public Health Technology
– Diploma in Epidemiology and Disease Control Technology
– Diploma in Agriculture Technology
– Diploma in Animal Production and Health
– Diploma in Fisheries Technology
– Diploma in Culture and Landscaping Technology

4. School of Continuing Education, Jalingo/Suntai Campus:

– Diploma in Common Law
– Diploma in Mass Communication
– Diploma in Theatre and Media Arts
– Diploma in Film and Television Production
– National Diploma in Office Technology and Management

5. School of Administration and Business Studies, Suntai Campus:

– Diploma in Accounting
– Diploma in Banking and Finance
– Diploma in Marketing
– Diploma in Business Administration
– Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
– Diploma in Purchasing and Supply
– Diploma in Public Administration
– Diploma in Local Government Administration and Finance
– Diploma in Social Welfare Administration

6. Consultancy Services Unit, Jalingo Campus:

– Diploma in Public Personnel Administration
– Diploma in Local Government Administration
– Diploma in Public Accounts, Audit, and Taxation
– Diploma in Business Administration
– Diploma in Purchasing and Supply
– Diploma in Banking and Finance
– Diploma in Library and Information Science
– Diploma in Transport and Logistic Technology
– Diploma in Management Studies
– Diploma in Information Technology
– Diploma in Environmental Management
– Diploma in Tax Administration
– Professional Diploma in Education
– Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting and Finance
– Post Graduate Diploma in Management
– Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Education
– Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration

Campus Life and Regulations

Taraba State Polytechnic offers a conducive learning environment with various facilities, including Zaku Hall, Air Conditioned Hall, and DDI Hall, catering to diverse needs. The institution upholds strict rules and regulations to ensure a safe and productive academic atmosphere, including guidelines on dress code, conduct, and attendance.

Management Community

Led by Dr. Ayuba Ibrahim Abarshi, the Rector, and supported by dedicated administrators and faculty members, Taraba State Polytechnic’s management team is committed to fostering academic excellence and student success.

Why Choose a Polytechnic Education?

Studying at Taraba State Polytechnic offers numerous advantages, including:

1. Easy admission process compared to universities.
2. Emphasis on practical skills and industry relevance.
3. Affordable tuition fees.
4. Expedited graduation with focused programs.
5. Exposure to fieldwork and hands-on training.
6. Opportunity to start entrepreneurial ventures post-graduation.

At Taraba State Polytechnic, we empower students to realize their potential, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s competitive world. Join us on this journey of learning and transformation.

Visit Taraba State Polytechnic, Jalingo Campus Or Taraba State Polytechnic Official Website To Apply.


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