Edit Videos and Photos Easily with InShot Mobile Editor

Inshot is a versatile mobile video and photo editing app that’s gaining popularity due to its features and user-friendly interface. With Inshot, you can enhance your videos and pictures with various effects like color grading, transitions, cutting, stickers, sharpening, background music, and more.

You can easily download InShot from the Google Play Store or share it with friends via Xender.

Here’s a simple guide on how to edit videos and pictures using InShot:

Video Editing

1. Import Your Video: Open InShot and select the video you want to edit from your phone’s camera roll or gallery. Tap the “+” sign, then hit the checkmark to add it to your editing workspace. You can import more than one video clip, This depends on what you want to edit or how you want to edit your video.

2. Trim and Cut: Use the sliders to trim your video or tap the “Split” button to divide it into smaller clips. You can also use the razor tool to cut in between clips. The trim and cut icons are located below the editing workspace.

3. Add Music: Enhance your video by adding background music, click on the music icon below. Choose a song from your phone or InShot’s collection and adjust the volume as needed. You can adjust the volume of two different sounds to create balance for clarity.

4. Apply Filters and Effects: Make your video stand out with filters and effects like glitch or blur. There are so many other filters that will set a good look for your video, try them out to see the one that does the magic for you. All these filters favours clean and high quality images, they might not work the way you want on a blur image.

Edit Videos And Photos With Inshot mobile Editor

5. Add Text and Stickers: Personalize your video by adding text or stickers. Tap the “Text” button to type in words or select stickers for extra flair. After adding your text to the video, Get to explore the different types of font and colour below. You can also adjust the font shadow, stroke and border to make it stand out.

6. Adjust Speed and Playback: Control the pace of your video by speeding it up or slowing it down. You can also reverse the playback direction for added excitement. Click on the Clock icon below which is the speed button, play with it till you get your preferable motion.

7. Crop and Rotate: Customize the framing and orientation of your video to fit different social media platforms. You can also do this just to get the right frame size you want for your photo.

Edit Videos and Photos Easily with InShot Mobile Editor

8. Preview and Save: Before saving your masterpiece, preview it to ensure everything looks good. Then, hit “Save” to keep it on your phone.

Photo Editing

Edit Videos and Photos Easily with InShot Mobile Editor

1. Import Your Picture: Launch InShot, click on the photo icon to select the picture you want to edit from your photo library.

2. Adjust the Picture: Use the crop and rotate tools to make adjustments like trimming or straightening. The crop and rotate tool are located below the Inshot editing workspace.

3. Play with Colors: Click on the adjust icon to Experiment with brightness, contrast, and colors until you achieve the desired look. This is where colour correction and grading is done.

Edit Videos and Photos Easily with InShot Mobile Editor

4. Apply Filters: Choose from a variety of filters to add style to your picture. Click on the adjust button to do this.

5. Add Text and Stickers: Personalize your picture with text or stickers. Click on the T button to add text of any kind. You can also change the text to any colour of your choice, play around with it’s shadow, stroke and border to make it pop out.

6. Experiment with Effects: Try out different effects like blur or vintage styles to add creativity. You can try those effects only of they suite your pictures. Click on the effect icon which is represented by a Star icon.

7. Refine the Details: Fine-tune your picture by adjusting sharpness or blurring certain parts. This is done to add the quality for clarity or to blur the image.

Edit Videos and Photos Easily with InShot Mobile Editor

8. Give it a Frame: Add a frame to your picture for a polished finish. To do this click the Frame Image below, choose the particular frame that works for you.

9. Save or Share: Once you’re satisfied with your edits, save your picture to your photo library or share it on social media.

With this guide, you can make the most of the InShot mobile editor and create stunning videos and pictures with ease. Try it out today and unleash your creativity!

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