Agbu kefas Net Worth And Biography (Updated 2023)

Agbu kefas Net Worth And Biography (Updated 2023)

He is not just the 2023 Governor Elect of Taraba State (Nigeria), He is a retired lieutenant  colonel in the Nigerian Army and also a man of God, who is rust worthy, humble and reliable. Agbu kefas Net Worth is not officially estimated but he has a lot going on and he is living well with his family even before him being elected as the  Governor of Taraba State…


On this page of Naijafiles, we are going to be unveiling the background of a true son and servant of the nation who has served Nigeria in different ways. Agbu kefas is one among the hard working, passionate and visionary politician who is born to build and accomplish what has not been accomplished. Agbu kefas is fearless and also and inspiration to the upcoming Leaders, he is loved by the people of Taraba State.

Agbu kefas Net Worth And Biography Agbu kefas Biography 2023

Was born and raised from a well disciplined family, he was born on the 12th Of November, In the Year 1970, his birth place is stated to be Wukari Local Government In Taraba State (Nigeria). Agbu Kefas grew to be smart and bold, he married a beautiful wife who’s name  Patience and has beautiful children that are doing well abroad and some in Nigeria.

Agbu kefas contested for the position of the Governor of Taraba State and finally emerge as the 2023 Governor Elect of Taraba State With The  support and prayers of so many people in Taraba State including a Group called COMWAK which are know to be Community Mobilization With Agbu kefas. This group contributed positively by engaging in a door to door complain,  which almost includes medical outreach and sharing of food stuffs to woman in the State. The COMWAK group covers almost all the Local Governments in the state.

Agbu kefas Educational Career

Agbu Kefas grew to develop the mindset and passion to lead and serve the nation so he joined the Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA) in Zaria, Kaduna State where he studied and aquired a Degree certificate in Political Science And Defense Studies. Apart from joining the force, ahbi kefas education career continued from one to the other on both Nigeria and abroad, he also aquired a Master Degree in a well know course, Criminology And Security Physiology. Agbu Kefas educational journey didn’t end there, he added another Master Degree in Public Administration.

Looking back at his Educational Life, he gained so Many experience and knowledge that built him on how to manage people, resources and on how to solve critical problems as a leader.

Agbu kefas Net Worth And Biography

Agbu kefas Military Life

Tracing back at his military life, Retired lieutenant colonel Agbu kefas did are very great job that history will never forget, he is one among the loyal and bold military men in Nigeria that contributed in Peace keeping to make sure that innocent lives are safe. Agbu kefas is loved and respected by the Nigerian Army and the people of the State.

Agbu kefas Net Worth And Biography

Agbu kefas As Governor Elect 2023

It is amazing and first of it’s kind to see a governor who key into action in the first week after being elected. Agbu kefas started by going round the State to see what needs to be fixed for the benefit of others, some places he visited include Hospitals, Primary and secondary schools and also some high institutions.

Agbu kefas Net Worth 2023

Not Yet Estimated…

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Though his net worth is not yet estimated. Agbu kefas is making impact in Taraba State, he is ready to serve.


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