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Genoveva Umeh Net Worth And Biography (Updated 2023)

Genoveva Umeh Net Worth And Biography (Updated 2023) 

Genoveva Umeh is counted among the Nigerian young fast rising actors who has the ability to adapt to almost every role in a film, She came into the Nollywood film industry fully prepared and not scared to try different things.

Genoveva Umeh’s Net is calculated to be around $80 000 (Eighty thousand U S Dollars)

Genoveva Umeh Net Worth And Biography


This might be the first time you are seeing this fresh talent but believe it when you hear that Genoveva Umeh is new and unique in the Nigerian film industry, With her ability to deliver well in her film roles. She has been part of so many productions.

Genoveva Umeh was not very Popular then, till she gained big recognition in the popular Nollywood Netflix original series which is the BLOOD SISTERS, An amazing film which was the topic of discussion all over the social media and also Genoveva’s performance was beautiful, She gave in her best in it.

She was also involved in other Film series like the popular and one of the most watched series which is known to be MTV SUGA. Genoveva didn’t study acting in school, she studied law but her passion and love for filmmaking later over took her.

Genoveva Umeh Net Worth And Biography

Stay with us as we give you a brief story of the fast rising actress Genoveva Umeh.

Biography Of Genoveva Umeh 

The fast rising actress, model and influencer Genoveva Umeh was born on the 8th of May, in the year 1995 in enugu. She is a strong and vibrant half Nigerian and British blood who is gradually becoming an icon in the Nigerian film industry.

Her passion for acting made her to stay back home in Nigeria and she has successfully been part of some of the Top rated films in the history of Nollywood.

Genoveva Umeh has achieved a lot from doing what she loves the most which is acting.

Net Worth Of Genoveva Umeh 2023

With the royalties she had been receiving, Genoveva’s Net Worth is calculated to be around $80 000 (Eighty thousand U S Dollars).


Thanks for staying with us to the end of this brief Net Worth And Biography of Genoveva Umeh. You can follow her up on social media for more update @Genovevaumeh

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