Library: Definition, Types And Functions

Basic Things To Know About Library – Definition, Types and Functions.

A lot of people In schools and even online talked about what a library is. There are so many definitions and explanations to libraries but this is to break everything down for you to clearly understand.

Below are the basic and most important things you need to know about libraries.

  • What is a library?
  • Types of library
  • Functions of a library
  • Who is a librarian ?


It libraries can simply be defined as a building or a place as such as the internet where information resources are organized, preserved and disseminated to the users. 

The library is basically in a structured and unstructured form.


  •  The library is said to be STRUCTURED because it has to do with a building where informational records are kept for educational or research purposes.

There’s a little bit of delayans in the structured (Building)  form of library in times of trying to get an information or trying to make research, before you get what you want, sometimes you have to wait for someone to be done with reading a particular book or  journal in the library. 


  • The library is said to also be in an unstructured phone because it has to do with the internet sometimes information records are kept online for educational or research purposes too. There are different educational books online today.

 The UNSTRUCTURED form of a library is not like the structured, getting information is faster and available for everyone to use because it is online, all you need is your phone, tablet or a laptop to access that information in the internet. You can read the same book or journal with whosoever at the same time.


Because it is said that a library is a place or building where books are kept, people miss understand the difference between a library and a book shop.

To clearly understand this we need to firstly look at the definition of a bookshop they are almost similar but with one particular difference.


A bookshort can simply be defined as a place where books and other information are materials are stored or kept proposally for sale in order to make profit. In library people go to read and make research while in book shops people go to buy books, That is just the minor difference but the similarities between the two of them is that books and information on materials are involved.


There might be so many types of library out there that we are yet to discover but below at the major and basic types of library you should know;

  • National library
  • Academic library
  • Special library
  • Public library
  • School library
  • Digital library


The national library refers to the library that is established by the Federal Government in order to monitor, regulate or control the activities of the other libraries in the nation. This serves as the head of all libraries. It oversees the affairs and activities of all the operating libraries in the country.

Every country has a national library.


As the name academic implies korma this refers to the type of library that is found in universities polytechnics and other specialised institutions because the uses a specialised people both the students and staff.

This type of library usually I have a lot of informative and educational books that will be of benefit to the students and also the staff. With the academic library, learning continues in the highest tuition.


The special library is the type of library that contains informative and educative materials on particular subject matters or topics. 

Example; Law Library, medical library, engineering library, media library and many others. The contents in the special library depends on the topic or subject matter, every information or educated material in that library it’s all about that particular topic and for people in that particular field who are willing to learn.


The name public employees former this is the type of library that is found anywhere and for everybody, it is for public use. There are also different educational, informative materials and this library serves the needs and curiosity of the users.


The school library refers to the type of library that is found in nursery schools, primary schools and secondary schools for the benefit of the students.

Students are usually taken to the school library in order to see some practical things, especially art, drawings, crafts and other educational materials.


Digital libraries are simply said to be online or internet libraries. This is the type of library that is found online and at the tip of your hands through our phones, laptops and tablets, all that is needed to access information and this library is network and electronic power.

We live in a world where almost everything is going back online now.


  • Library generally helps in storing or preserving information for future use
  • Library serves as a source for getting educative information.
  • The library serves as a place for making research.
  • It generally helps in creating cultural awareness, giving users highlights on the different cultures we have in the nation.
  • It creates room for self development among the students, making them always inquizitive wanting to learn more.
  • Library helps to improve the reading habits of students.


The librarian is a trained professional whose job is to monitor, organize and direct the activities going on in the library.  . Such a person has technical abilities on how to handle library equipment, most especially electronic equipment or devices for keeping records.

Without the Liberian, The library will be so messed up, disturbed and unorganised, some educated materials might even get missing.

So the librarian plays a vital role in keeping the library safe, always remember that knowledge is power.


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