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Makayla Malaka Net Worth And Biography (Updated 2023)

Makayla Malaka Net Worth And Biography (Updated 2023)

Makayla Malaka is a very young and beautiful fast rising singer, rapper and a writer who is gradually becoming a voice that will bring positive change in the lives of all children in Nigeria and also across the world. Makayla Malaka is one among the intelligent Nigerian children the entertainment industry should watch out for any moment from now.

Her Net Worth is roughly estimated to be around or more than N45, 000 000 (Forty Five Million Naira) Based on her record deals and the projects she has done so far… 

Makayla Malaka Net Worth And Biography


Children are not left behind in the Nigerian entertainment industry and Africa at large, There are so many intelligent and talented children out there the world needs to know about. Please stay with Naijafiles as we tell you about the young and talented Makayla Malaka’s Net Worth And Biography.

Makayla Malaka is an half cast, she grew up in Nigeria where her parents discovered her talent. Her parents started guiding and managing her to make sure everything about her music is in check.

With the help and guidance of Makayla’s parents her fan base grew over the years and her post engagements increased on social media as well.

Makayla Malaka Net Worth And Biography

This article is not just about reading a young Nigerian celebrity’s story, it’s about inspiring all children to perform well in their studies and craft, Every parent will be happy to see a child excelling.

Makayla Malaka Biography And Achievements 

The young talented writer, singer and rapper Makayla Malaka who is originally known as Makayla Oghenefejiro O. Malaka was born on the 27th of June, in the Year 2012.

Makayla was born in London, United Kingdom, she is a half cast with a British and Nigerian mixed blood, Her Nigerian indigenous home is known to be Isoko which is in Delta State, Nigeria.

Makayla’s music dreams started when she was at the age of 5 (Five) but she officially recorded and dropped her first EP (Extended Play) at the age of 6 (Six).

Makayla Malaka Net Worth And Biography

Music has taken Makayla far over the years and she was able to get connected to the popular Nigerian Ghanaian artist Mr Eazy, Not just that but she got a record deal with one of the most talent supporting platforms in Nigeria, EMPAWA.

With the help of her parents and EMPAWA, Makayla Malaka is fully recognized in lagos City where she grew up.

She recently launched her Book, Read more here – African Princess by Makayla Malaka 

Makayla Malaka Released Songs

The young princess has dropped a lot of songs as she still has a lot to come because of her energy toward brightening the children’s world in Nigeria and across the world.

Below are some of Makayla’s songs that are on YouTube and other platforms;

  • We shall win – (39k Views – Dropped 1 year ago)
  • Do you know – (1.3k Views – 1 year ago)
  • I will be alright – (2.8k Views – 1 year ago)
  • Sit down (44k Views – 9 Months ago)

Makayla Malaka Net Worth And Biography

  • A season of love – (27k Views – 7 months)
  • No be today – (496k Views – 3 months ago)
  • Not likely – (289 Views – 1 month)
  • Heal the world – (247k Views – 3 weeks ago)

Makayla Malaka also has a lot of viral videos online as her fan base, views and streams continue to grow on all digital stores.

Makayla Malaka Net 2023

From the record deal Makayla got from EMPAWA and the royalties from her songs on digital stores, her Net Worth is estimated to be around N45, 000 000 (Forty Five Million Naira), More gifts are still coming in from fans across the world.

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You can follow Makayla Malaka

  • On Instagram @MakaylaSuperstar 
  • Facebook @MakaylaMalaka

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