The Netflix series “House of Ninjas” starts streaming Soon

The Netflix series “House of Ninjas” starts streaming from Thursday, 15 February 2024

The anticipated Netflix Asian action Tv Series – House Of Ninja which depicts the ninja ways, family, love, clans and vengence is set to be released from thursday, 15 febuary – 2024 not on any other platform but Netflix.

Indeed Netflix has been one of the most standard entertainment services, they are known for their taste for excellent contents when it comes to filmmaking which means for the movie House Of Ninjas to be on Netflix is a very big deal.

Sit back and relax and wait for this amazing Netflix series if you have not been following up, So many fans commented hapilly as they watch the short trailer of the Netflix series House Of Ninjas;

Watch Official Trailer below;

The Netflix Series House Of Ninjas has an amazing an storyline, Good setting, costume, characters and a very good stunt, Get to stream it live directly on Netflix on the 15th of febuary, 2024.

Read Fan Comments below;


oh my gosh this looks amazing – all the 80s and early 90s kids remember how cool ninjas were , everyone wanted to be one – so happy to have a ninja show coming back!


I have been craving for Ninja shows for too long Netflix has delivered as usual

Get to follow Netflix Asia for more update….


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