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You may already have an idea on what mass communication is. You hear it almost everyday, in school, from Friends, on TV, on radio and other places.

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This is to tell you the simple and most important things to know about mass communication, such as;

  • Definition of mass communication
  • Types of mass communication
  • The 4 W’s and 1 H of Mass Communication
  • Functions of mass communication

Everything that we have been taught in schools today has definitions and explanations, they have importance, They have people involved in that field and particular places to work as a professional in regards to that field of work.

The main topic of enlightenment here is MASS COMMUNICATION

To understand what mass communication is we need to look into what communication is.

What is mass communication - Basics
What is mass communication – Basics


Communication can simply Be defined as the process of exchanging information from one person or place to another. You can do it orally through speech, through writing or through other methods.

Communication deals with sending and receiving messages through different means.

There are different types of communication, below are the forms of communication.


  • Intrapersonal communication
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Group communication
  • Public communication
  • Mass communication


This is the type of communication that happens when someone is internally talking to him or herself, or giving internal critical thoughts and imagination within the mind triggered by a particular reason.

It can be based on an internal stimulus or external stimulus, that is something that affects you inside or outside.

INTERNAL STIMULUS – For example when you feel headache you begin to think within yourself;

  •  What drug should I take? How can this pain stop? (Intrapersonal communication)
  •  I’m hungry. What should I cook? Do I have the strength to do that? (Intrapersonal communication)

EXTERNAL STIMULUS – When you witness two people fighting and one is holding a dagger;

  • Oh my god he is holding a knife, someone will get injured (intrapersonal communication)
  • Can the other person escape this? (Intrapersonal communication)

This communication basically takes place inside your head and to yourself.


This is the type of communication that happens between two people, from one person to the other. It creates mutual understanding between them, it creates relationships and helps them to share ideas and thoughts that will be of benefit for both.

This communication happens anytime anywhere is not planned or structured.

This simply deals with sending direct messages and between two people, these messages are structured to achieve a particular goal.


Good communication is the type of communication that happens when two or more people interrelate, share ideas, information or thoughts in order to achieve the targeted goal.

It is usually organized and planned for learning and achievement.


This refers to the type of communication where one person is in charge of sending or disseminating information to the audience.

It deals with public speaking and focuses on one person who is the sender of information to the audience.

This brings us to the last form of communication (mass communication) which is our main topic of discussion.

What is mass communication - Basics



Mass communication is the process whereby information is being received, created , analysed and sent to a large number of people through the mass media. (Newspaper, television, radio and even social media)

Communication deals with thorough research and factual informations. It is very broad on its own and explains not only how informations are being sent but the medium through which informations are sent.


  • Print Media
  • Electronic Media
  • Social media


This simply refers to the type of Media that is used to transmit or disseminate information to large number of people through;

  • Newspaper
  • Journal
  • Books
  • Magazine
  • Poster
  • Flyer
  • Coupon
  • Adverts on billboards and so many others.

Print Media deals with using written documents or materials to pass out information.


This is the type of Media that is used to disseminate information through the use of electronic devices such as;

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Electric billboard
  • Smartphones

Electronic Media basically deals with electric power, batteries, signals and networks to disseminate information.


In this type of Media information is being transmitted or disseminated through the following;

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • YouTube
  • Podtcasts
  • Blogs or websites
  • Instagram and so many others.

It basically deals with transmitting information online, you need to be always online to get the latest updates.


Mass communication is a course that builds or trains journalists, reporters, TV directors and producers in order to play vital roles in this world of communication we live in.

In the field of journalism there are basic things a journalist must know and must apply in mass communication, this brings us the the 4 W’s and 1 H of Mass Communication.

The 4 W’s and 1 H in Mass Communication are basic things every mass communicator and reporter must know in times of reporting an event or incident.

4 W’s AND 1 H 

The 4 W’s and 1 H simply refers to the following;

  • W – When?
  • W – Where?
  • W – Who?
  • W – Why?
  • H – How?

Above are the basic questions a reporter or journalist is supposed to ask in times of getting full information of an incidence.


Someone stabbed a little boy with a knife in the chest…

In order to get facts to disseminate a factuall information, a journalist or reporter is supposed to ask;

4 W’s And 1 H

  • WHEN did this happen?
  • WHERE did it happen?
  • WHO did it happen to or WHO is involved?
  • WHY did it happen?
  • HOW did it happen?

These are the basic questions a journalist or a reporters should always remember to ask, It is one of the most important things in mass communication.


  • The major function of mass communication is to receive factual informations and diseminate facts to the public.
  • Mass communication provides job opportunities to so many people out there
  • It helps to build communication skills
  • Mass communication can take you round the world














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